Mac Crypto 98 PGP Keysigning Party

When: Thursday Oct 8

Where: TBD (if you're at the last session you will know where to go)

Who: Those who send in their keys by 12:00 thurs, Oct 8


Folks who want to participate in the keysigning must email their keys to me ( I will put together a keyring (probably PGP 5/6.x fmt) and print out all the key ids & fingerprints. If people would like a PGP 2.x format keyring I can make one as well, but it won't have the DSS keys in it.

During the keysigning each person on the keyring will stand and read his/her key fingerprint out loud.

If you recognise the person, and the key id & fingerprints match, you should have enough info to sign their key. Folks should have ID that you can check as well.

The keyring with new signatures.